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Levitra in Australia Competing Viagra

Levitra is 10 times more effective than Viagra and Cialis is 13 times more efficient. It would seem impossible, as Viagra has always been first on the list. However, Levitra is not just its counterpart – it’s new, improved, and has already been tested remedy. The effectiveness of Levitra was once again proved by researchers […]

Cialis vs. Levitra – Cold War

Despite the problem of erectile dysfunction being quite widespread, only every fifth man addresses the specialized doctor. It is remarkable that in average a man spends six months with the arrival of erection problems before consulting medical professional. For most men erectile dysfunction is a cause of their first visit to the urologist. So it […]

What are the Advantages of Levitra?

Levitra Australia (Vardenafil) is a relatively new and effective drug used to treat erectile dysfunction in many patients. In 2003, during eight months of its existence Levitra officially entered the market in 39 countries and amounted to about 90% of the market sales of PDE-5 inhibitors in the world. Benefits of Levitra: Levitra has high […]

Levitra vs. Viagra

At the moment the most effective drugs for treatment of this disease are Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Very often, people are wondering what the best of these drugs, what to choose? The effect of each of these drugs is a little different from each other, and we will try to provide you with basic information […]